Commercial Glass

Doors (maintenance and more)

A commercial door may seem standard across the board, but with different metal and glass options, it can be customized to fit your personality.

As with most things that are used frequently, a commercial door may need fine tuning from time to time to keep it in good working condition. The wind can wreak havoc on door closers. We can service or replace them, many of which we keep in stock so your door is not out of commission long. We can also adjust doors when they aren't working correctly, be it the locks or the fit.

A room with two doors and a ladder in it
A white truck parked in front of a building.


When you work with an architect, their ideas can incite even the most staid to try different approaches to a traditional building. Whatever the architect has in mind be it big or small, glass and metal or special requirements, bring your plans in for us to review and we will work to achieve the architect's vision.

We replace broken or fogged insulated units in all commercial settings including multiple stories and strip malls. We have access to the necessary equipment for jobs that require work to take place above the first floor.

The glass in your storefront windows can be replaced to enhance performance, aesthetics, or efficiency. To increase energy efficiency, ask about a quote on tinted or low-e glass.

Glass Entries and Skylights

Everyone uses the front door to your office. Why not 'dress' it to impress? With specialty hardware and/or glass, your customers will be able to see your attention to detail. Visit our showroom to view our glass samples.

We work with several different manufacturers so you have a wide variety of choices in styles, colors and functions. Available operable or inoperable with flat safety glass or domed acrylic. For more information please visit Solar Industries, as they are our main skylight supplier.